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The Anchor & Palette Gallery has been in existence in Bay Head, NJ, since the 1960’s, passed down from artist Hubie Rose to artist Dick LaBonté to his daughter Anne LaBonte Neff. It was a favorite stopping spot for summer visitors, representing many of New Jersey’s finest artists. Now located in the Jolly Tar building at 56 Bridge Avenue, the Anchor & Palette Gallery focuses primarily on the prints and original paintings of Dick LaBonte. However, you will find the work of many wonderful local artists there as well.

After Hurricane Sandy and the massive destruction on the Jersey Shore, more time was invested by LaBonte’s daughter in developing a website solely to introduce visitors to the world Dick LaBonté created in the last thirty years of his life. Each painting on the site has a story, with a detailed description; a combination of actual historical facts and LaBonté’s creative imagination. To quote the artist, “When you look at my pictures, you are not supposed to wear a serious expression. You are expected to smile, perhaps wistfully and with a sense of loss. Often while I paint I laugh aloud. You have my permission to do likewise.” (an excerpt from the book, At the Shore with Dick LaBonté, ©1993 by Richard H. LaBonté).

Stop by the gallery and see this unique and very local art! And smile!

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